About Ceragem

Ceragem is a health science company that originated in Korea over fourteen years ago. Ceragem is the largest provider of high quality ‘Thermal Massagers’ with more than 3,600 distributors in over 70 countries. Our goal is to continue creating scientific health products that promote healthy everyday living to people of all ages.

Our vision is to lead the world to healthier lifestyle and we propose to achieve this vision by becoming the ‘world best healthcare partner

Goal; To continue creating scientific health products that promote healthy everyday living to people of all ages.

Philosophy; Leading a Global Healthy Lifestyle


  • Respect each country’s culture, value, and spirit while contributing to local social development. 
  •          Provide the best quality products for customers to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  •          Provide the best customer service through the spirit of love, service and kindness.

Vision; World Best Healthcare Partner 

The common interest shared by all people, all over the world, is health. Healthy life is everyone’s ultimate hope and the everlasting goal to achieve. In order to realize this goal we at ceragem have been doing our best to help improve our customer’s health with love, service and kindness. Ceragem management all a cross the world continues to challenge, change and innovate in order to realize the company’s visions and goals. The customers are our starting point and the final goal of our business and we truly believe that our existence is meaningful only because of them. Therefore, all our technology, products and marketing strategies have our customers’ good health and well being as our number one priority. This explains why all ceragem centers in the world offer unlimited free trials to all people.

Ceragem has been able to open centers all over the world and to date we have over 3,600 centers in overv72 countries worldwide including Korea, USA, China and Kenya among others.

In East Africa we have a number of centers including;

  •          Kinga Health and Wellness Center ( Nairobi Town)
  •          Ngong Rd.(Nairobi)
  •          Nyayo Stadium (Nairobi)
  •          OTC (Nairobi)
  •          Buruburu(Nairobi)
  •          Nakuru
  •          Mombasa
  •          Malindi
  •          Eldoret
  •          Pristine (Kampala)

We do believe that through co-operation with our customers, we shall walk hand in hand to promote Ceragem spread all over the world. Our dream as elaborated by our goal and vision is keeping good health.